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Things to Note:

✿ I've been making public cursors since Oct'11.
✿ I am not a professional in making cursors.
✿ I make all these cursors on my own.
✿ You must give credit.
Do not claim the cursors as your own or redistribute them.

✿ Navigation is on the right.
✿ To copy the codes, press and hold:

Windows - CTRL + C
MAC - ⌘ + C
Read the FAQ before asking any question.
✿ Updates on this blog can be found here.

✿ Requests will be posted on this blog, like the post if you're tagged.
✿ It'll be nice if you follow this blog.
✿ I track posts tagged "1dcursors".

To all of you, thank you

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Reblog24 August 2014 ⋅ 10.16PM ⋅ 4 notes

24 August 2014. 

First batch! 

Divergent Cursors here!

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Reblog23 August 2014 ⋅ 11.51PM ⋅ 2 notes

Highly Requested: For those who have been requesting - Divergent Cursors, here you go!
(I get so many requests for this but I never got to doing it, oops.)

Only made a couple, so if you have more, please request here.

Reblog17 August 2014 ⋅ 10.23PM

hiiiii :) i have your cursors! i just can’t seem to upload them on tumblr. i have no idea why, i keep getting some sort of error for the past two weeks. i’ll try again. hopefully it starts working soon. sorry for the slow update D:

TAGS: #upd

Reblog15 June 2014 ⋅ 10.36PM ⋅ 9 notes

15 June 2014  

I apologize for the late & lack of uploads! I will definitely try and upload requested cursors at least once every two weeks c:

Update: I will stop tagging URL with ‘-’ hyphen(s). 

Remember to:

  1. Like the post if you are tagged/ see your URL below
  2. Leave a credit for using any of my cursor.
    Here is a tutorial if you need help with leaving a credit.

New Cursors:

  • + 2 Drake Cursors  image
  • + 1 Miley Cursor image
  • Ryan Reynolds’ autograph image
  • Beyonce’s autograph image
  • Andrew Garfield autograph image
  • 'Louis x Harry' autograph (lots of request for this) image

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Reblog8 June 2014 ⋅ 6.32PM


i did not forget about you all D:

i’ve made some cursors, but havent got time to upload them. hopefully by end of next week (15 june) ok? 

luvluv :*

meanwhile, i’ll close the request box until next week, when i upload the cursors :) 


I moved the logo cursors here: link